Thursday, September 11, 2008



NBA Street Online builds on the fun and popularity of NBA Street Homecourt gameplay, allowing players to build their personal styles and do cool tricks while adding new customizable ways to create players and build teams.

Rich meta-game and community features provide the opportunity to build a robust, deeply vested community of basketball and gaming fans while allowing them to compete in tournaments against their friends, or against the best of the real NBA.

Game Features

1v1 and 3v3 Multiplayer Mode
- Invite authentic NBA Baller into your team for 1 vs 1 match
- Six people can join at once for easier 3 vs 3 match making
- Exp and gold earned depends on match performance.
- Win items upon winning a match PvP Mode

Skill Tree Growth System
- Use growth points to customize Baller in the Skill Tree.
- Obtain growth points when you level up.

PvE Challenge Mode and Boss Battle
- Challenge authentic NBA Ballers in the Challenge Mode.
- Win items upon winning a match in Challenge Mode.
- Earn recipes and assets through the Boss Battle

Boost skills by combining items with “Recipes” for rare assets such as shoes, jerseys, and other accessories.


Anonymous said...

astig! ganda nito. katapat ng freestyle.

Ching Merano said...

Actually hindi pa sa November yan! :P